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It’s a catch 22, can’t build a successful business while we have a job, need a job to survive until we have a successful business.

It’s a catch 22, can’t build a successful business while we have a job, need a job to survive until we have a successful business. Click To Tweet

Unless you managed to dodge the day job and become one of those lucky ones who landed in the right place at the right time and started making money off your laptop while sitting in Bali fresh out of high school. Then you find yourself in the above predicament.

The 2nd catch is that the only businesses you can usually start on the sideline are not quite businesses you actually want to do or can build into a full time business to make it big eventually.

So enter 5 business you can start on the side, with almost no money, and build into a full time income that are both cool and have potential. These 5 are listed in order of amount of effort and input required, from the most labour intensive to the least.

  1. Become a Virtual Employee in your spare time

The world is moving this way anyway, so why not buck the trend. Instead of using one skill set to earn the same every month, decide your own income and work as much as you like (or as little). Sites like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com and Jobvir.com make it easy for you to find clients and for clients to find you.

  1. Become an ad space broker and re-seller

Sounds weird, but it’s a big industry. Everyone needs to advertise and despite the onset of programmatic algorithms and ad networks, ads still get posted in the wrong places, wasting money and opportunities. Clients don’t have the time to search for the right niches, blogs and social channels. By starting your own or collecting a database of advertising locations in selected categories, you can offer prime and relevant ad space to advertisers. Utilising a platform like Aqhired.com means you can easily find publishers looking for direct ad selling opportunities.

  1. Drive your own or others’ sales through visual social media
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Instagram and Pinterest. They’re selling through visual lust! It’s a lot of work unless you find a way to make it easier. Enter the industrial revolution of social media, bots. They’ve earned a bit of a bad reputation due to abuse, but they can also be very helpful in a positive way, especially for your bank balance. Check out Instadub or Pinhelper for more.

  1. Flip Websites

Just like houses, but easier. Find a website for sale, buy it cheap, get someone to make improvements on Upwork.com or Jobvir.com, push some traffic to it and resell it on sites like flippa.com.

  1. Earn big commissions off iGaming players

When we say big, we mean it. This is not your usual affiliate setup. It’s one of those industries that most people find hard to believe when they first hear about it. Think “50% of anything a player spends at a casino for the lifetime of that player” and you’ll get an idea of how big we mean. Here’s a good place to start: https://www.soundnest.com/six-figure-social-posts/

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